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Exhibition Subjects

The exhibition covering all fields of new sensing technologies.
This show regroups products and applications for sensors, controls, systems, devices, technologies and information.

  • Light and electromagnetic wave

    Photosensors, infrared sensors, radiation sensors, ultraviolet sensors, laser sensors, photoelectric sensors, fiber-optic sensors, illuminance sensors, photodiodes, etc.

  • Mechanical and physical quantity

    Pressure sensors, accelerometers, angular rate sensors, rotation sensors, displacement sensors, impact sensors, strain sensors, motion sensors, torque sensors, etc.

  • Temperature, humidity, and fluid

    Temperature sensors, humidity sensors, heat flux sensors, flow sensors, level sensors, density sensors, etc.

  • Magnetic and current

    Magnetic sensors, current sensors, etc.

  • Chemistry and biotechnology

    Gas sensors, ion sensors, odor sensors, taste sensors, etc.

  • Biometric

    Brain wave sensors, pulse wave sensors, etc.

  • Image

    Image sensing technologies, smart sensors, remote sensing technologies, etc.

  • Environmental

    Particle sensors, pollen sensors, etc.

  • Sound and ultrasound
  • Touch
  • RFID
  • Bar code readers / OCR

  • Sensor fusion
  • Micromachine, MEMS, NEMS
  • Actuators
  • Sensor network systems and technologies
  • Sensor components, parts, and materials
  • Measurement, control, testing, and inspection devices, equipment, and systems
  • Electronic equipment

  • Communication devices and networks

    RFID, NFC, Bluetooth Beacon, Zigbee, Wi-SUN, LPWA, Wi-Fi, 5G, LTE, etc.

  • Software

    AI, data analysis, data processing algorithm development, control, image processing, etc.

  • Electromagnetic, EMC, noise suppression
  • Battery and power supply
  • Other

    (Please contact us for more details)s

Visitors Categories

  • ・ Developers and engineers looking for advanced sensing technologies
  • ・ Specialists involved in design, manufacture, quality control and inspection, procurement
  • ・ Actors from various industries - retail, trade, service, fisheries, forest and agriculture, public infrastructure (transport, communication, energy, etc.) - medical institutions or governmental agencies considering the use of innovative sensors.

Booth Specifications and Exhibition Fee

A Type Booth

Booth specifications

1 booth (width 2.97m × depth 2.97m • center to center)
rear and side walls only (except for corner booth)
*Decorations, Name Box, Carpeting, etc. are not included.

Exhibition fee

One booth

429,000 yen (*including tax)

Layout of booths

You can select any floor pattern from those below according to the number of modular panels you wish to use.

Number of booths Booth Types and Decoration Height Limitations Booth Arrangement
1-3 booth(s) Row type only
(height: up to 2.7m
*up to 4m when set back 1m)
4-5 booths Choice of row type or block type
(height: up to 4m)

* An Island booth is surrounded by aisles on all sides. For a Row Type, please contact the show office.

6 or more booths Island booth only (height: up to 5m)

*Four sides are opened. If you wish to have the row type, please contact the management office.
* An Island booth is surrounded by aisles on all sides. For a Row Type, please contact the show office.

Display Package*

Proposed Ready-to-move-in Display Package
One booth Type (3x3m) Exhibition Fee + 121,000 yen (*including tax)

System Wall Panel (Octanorm system) / Company name / Carpet
Option Items : Reception Counter (W900 × D450 × H800) ×1
Electricity : LED Fluorescent 20W × 1 / LED Spotlights 15W × 2 / Electrical outlet × 2 (100V with ground) / Wiring cost and Electric rates × 1kW
Rental Furniture : Folding Chair×1 / Name Box × 1

B Type Booth Up to 2 booth per company

Booth specifications

1 booth (width 1.98m × depth 1.98m • center to center)
* Decorations and furniture included

Booth layout and height limit

Exhibitors can decorate the booths to a height of 2.7m.

Exhibition Fee

One unique booth

253,000 yen (*including tax)

Included in the exhibition fee: Exhibition space / Rear and 1m side walls / Company nameplate / Carpet / Exhibition stand (W990 × D990 × H750) / Slide door unit (without key) / LED spotlight 15W × 1 / Electrical outlet × 2 (100V with ground) / Wiring cost and Electric rates × 500W

* Additional equipment is submitted to additional charges. Details of available equipment will be sent in July (planned) (Exhibitor Manual).

* No deductions can be made even when the basic display mentioned above is not used.

Highlight your presence beforehand
with a Link Banner on Sensor Expo Japan Official Website

Period of availability: From August 7 to September 20, 2024
Banner size: W200px×H40px GIF format (can be animated)
Publishing fee: 55,000 yen (*including tax)
Data reception deadline:   July 24, 2024 *for final version data at the above size

Deadline for Application

April 30 (Tue), 2024

Schedule until the exhibition

2024 April 30 (Tue) Deadline for Application
(sending invoice after receiving the Application Form)
July   ①Sending Exhibitor Manual,
     Floorplan and other exhibiting material
②Promotional Activities
 (web banner, exhibitors’ details)
September 16 (Mon) 09:00-18:00 Booth construction, Exhibitors Move-in
17 (Tue) 09:00-18:00 Exhibitors Move-in
18 (Wed) 10:00-17:00 Exhibition Period
19 (Thu) 10:00-17:00 Exhibition Period
20 (Fri) 10:00-17:00 Exhibition Period, Moving-out from 17:00